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NC Candle/Soapers Gathering Photos


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We all had a blast at the gathering tonight. It was very nice meeting everyone. Hopefully we can have a larger gathering in the fall and have classes, etc.

Thanks to all the suppliers who donated samples & door prizes! All extra samples were given as door prizes. Everyone went home with a very full Goody bag!

A special thanks to The Scent Works Mike & Tish & Diane with candlescience for attending.

Judy & Lin


Lisa & Marisa


Mike & Tish (The Scent Works)


Diane (candlescience) & Lourie (Pinecreek)



Marisa in one of the Goody bags!:shocked2:




I couldn't keep Marisa out of those Goody bags!:laugh2:













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Lisa , that is just wrong!!!LOL There were lots and lots of awesome goodies and prizes, could ya blame me?!!:yay:

If you were not able to come this time , you sure missed it. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning some interesting stuff. We need to do this again and soon.

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Lots of Supplier's samples and coupons ... Generous door prizes ... and everyone brought enough of an item they make to swap with everyone else. Literally had to be careful carrying the bag by the handles. I was afraid the bottom wouldn't hold!

Thanks, Lisa, for organizing this informal event. A special thanks to CandleScience and Scent-Works (our friendly local suppliers) for attending. And all the non-local FO suppliers - Orders should be coming your way soon!

Most importantly it was FUN! :thumbsup:

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You are about 160 miles - about 3 hrs with a gas stop - away from me.

Candle Science had a sale at their old warehouse quite a while back - couldn't make it because of the bad driving weather... hurricane maybe?

Anyway, if they ever have one again I know the owners of a deli just one exit up from their new warehouse and could arrange some type of dutch treat get together.

Just a thought.

Edited by Judy, USMC
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