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Whipped Shea not firming up


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My whipped shea is not fluffing up like it should. It's seems to never get past a thick pudding like consistency. The recipe I came up with is:

5 oz. Shea Butter

3 oz. Cocoa Butter

3 oz. Babbasu Oil

1 oz. Apricot Kernal Oil

Then I added 0.05 oz FO and a little Dry Flo AF. Anyone see problems with the recipe? This is my first time making a whipped butter.

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Cocoa Butter is a harder butter, I have never had any luck with it in whipping. It does take a while for the whipping process especially if you melted everything together. Cocoa butter takes longer to set up than shea in my experiences with it. If you did melt it put it in the freezer for a few minutes take it out and whip more. You can let it sit overnight and try whipping it again and see if it gets thicker.

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Hmm... Oh well. I only made it for me anyway. I left it in the fridge for a bit, came back and it whipped up perfectly. But why do I have the sneaking suspicion that this stuff is going to be rock hard in a day or two? It may end up being more of a belly balm instead of butter. At least it's scented Lemon Meringue, that stuff smells good enough to eat. Hopefully it'll keep my strech marks at bay over the next few months.

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