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Question about testing

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I restarted my soy candle making after that devastating disaster of having my notes thrown out.

I've been in a good place, all the testing was going well until I learned that Natural Artisans wasn't going to be selling C3.

My question is after doing the testing with the wax from my original supplier and having great results...does one have to retest EVERYTHING if you switch suppliers or can I test a couple of fo's and jars that I know burn well and be secure that the same wax from a second supplier will work?

I guess my concern at this point is that I don't want to keep testing with the batch of wax I have if I have to just redo everything when I get my next order of C3 from a different supplier.


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Kim, I do a test on each case I buy just for posterity, but I have never found any variance from one case of C3 to the next - it's all made by NatureWax regardless of who is selling it.

I pour up a pound of a FO/dye combo which has performed well in the past to test. No "new" anything other than the wax. So far, the "test pounds" have always come out right. HTH :)

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Thanks Stella,

That was exactly what I needed to know.

I've got myself on the right track with the testing...infact, the candles are even better than before I lost my notes.

Ever since the lost notes, I keep thinking that if I don't twist my tongue just so and breath only through my right nostril the candles might not come out right. :laugh2:

Anyways...a relief to know there are no major changes to be expected.

Thanks for the response.


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