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Kudos to jadewicks


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arent your customers going to see them anyway, so what's the difference?

You are right...my customers are going to see them.

How many threads on this site are started - cause someone stole another persons idea? I don't feel like taking a road trip any where right now. Geesh.

I gave her kudos. She does a wonderful job. If you want to see her work, ask her for her portfolio. simple as that.

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Can't blame her for not wanting to put her designs out there for all of us to see. There are several scurrying around here who have been outed, or are on the verge of being outed, as picture, idea or otherwise thieves. I won't post links or pics of my stuff either. I've found the few that I trust and I go to them with my questions, etc. In no way whatsoever would I consider posting a link or pic on CT of my labelling, website, etc.

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I must concur with mizbizzyb...

I've been working with Jadewicks on labels, actually she's been the one working and putting up with my every whim. She's got to be one of the most easy-going, accommodating, flexible and sweet people I've met from CT.

She's VERY talented and hard-working. She tirelessly made adjustment after adjustment, just letting me go with an idea to see if it worked.

She's simply great!

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