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in a store!!

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A friend of mine has been trying my candles and loves them!! Her husband owns a small pharmacy. He called and and said they'd like to help promote me. He says I can "have" a couple of shelves in his store to make up a display. No charge - they just want to help!!

Was also approached by a dance company wanting to use me for a fundraiser. Need to give them the brochures and go over details. Crossing my fingers.

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Now to figure out what to put out. Have been making baskets for mothers day. I have jars, votives, melts and tealights (all in soy) Then there is the bath stuff... tub truffles, bath salts and milk baths.....Want to focus on a few instead of all....also have aroma beads and ornies.

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Got a wholesale account today!! Not a large one but heck any order is a good one when you're getting started!! Also sold 8 aroma sachets to a lady while i was out doing errands today (stopped in her office) AND I am leaving samples with an order form at my kids school (including made up baskets for mothers day)!! Will pick up next friday and deliver for mothers day (small school - not many teachers!) Hopefully there'll be one or two orders....

My day ROCKED!!!!:yay:

Forgot to add that I made Neopolitan Candles today angled and there was a BIG interest in those.... took pictures but can't find my cables to download onto computer...

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