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Patchwork purse


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Wow that is sick!!!!!!!!!!! Sick is the new cool. When my kids first said that looked sick to me I almost cryed, till they interpitated. Any way I love the hand bag. Is that a pattern?? I am tring to self teach myself how to sew. Im OK but no where near SICK..

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Thanks guys. :smiley2:

Cindys, I'm so behind on what the terms are now a days, my daughter told me she was crushing on some boy. :confused: I never thought I would be old and not know the lingo. lol

The purse is a pattern in my head, nothing to hard really, just a lot of tedious work sewing all the strips together. I am going to be posting a basic purse tutorial here soon so if you are wanting an easy peasy purse pattern there will be one soon.

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I am so siked. That would be sweet to have a pattern. I will someday be able to sew. I am SO determined.I can not wait for you to post it. I hope the boy that your daughter is chrushing on chruhes her back. (I think I like our old english better, it sounds totally wrong the new way)

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