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Using soap for Laundry??


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Do any of you do this?

I have a batch that I really don't care for the

FO..So was wondering if it works good for laundry?

Also..about how much do you use for a load of laundry?

Do you grate it up like you would grate cheese?

Thanks for any imput you might have

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I have been wanting to make some laundry soap for a long time, finally found some washing soda in a local store- yippee!! I have some liquid soap that didn't turn out so well-really cloudy after sitting for a couple of weeks, I wonder if I could use this and decrease some of the water needed in the recipe?

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Should be able to. I'd start with a 1/8th cup (grated) to the wash and see...then the baking soda or Mule 20 if it didn't seem to be quite enough.

The only thing I would wonder about is if there were a lot of different butters or extras added to the soap if those wouldn't be oily in the water? Don't know but laundry soaps like Fel Naptha are just basic striped down bar soaps.

Don't see why it wouldn't work.:wink2:

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I should have made my self more clear...bad me...

I don't want to make laundry soap...

I am just wondering if I can use CP soap that I have already made, but don't like the scent..to do my laundry?

If you superfat your soap, I wouldn't recommend using it in your laundry.

The oils can get into your clothes and cause staining or a rancid smell. Some folks add extra lye to melted soap scraps for the laundry, but you'd need to figure out how much lye you need to add to bring your soap to a zero superfat.


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