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Pheromone, Chanel #5 & Quelques Fleur


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:wave: My sis has asked me to find a dupe of Chanel #5 & Pheromone. So, who has the dead on dupes of these two?

I doubt I will find Quelques Fleur, But it is one of my favorite fragrances, sooo any help with that would be great:D



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I agree on Just Scent's Chanel...dead on.

I think you might be out of luck on Pheromone. Pheromones are actually human hormones released by either sex to attract a mate.:DYa don't say? :D Unless there's actually a fragrance called this? Yep, there sure is. I think it's by Marylin Miglan. Not sure. The only pheromone perfumes I know of are the ones sold at "lingerie parties" and "adult shops".

Thanks, I will try them.

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