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shampoo bars help


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I just used my coconut ,castor, palm bar to wash my hair. hair seemed squeaky. my hair type is thick coarse, dry ends ( color treated too)

I have done some research and will be changing recipe to

coconut , castor, oo, hemp

I am about to formulate it but not sure what qualities I need to enhance

Do I need lots of bubbles or do I need more conditioning or what??????

my current bar is

hardness 50

cleansing 17

condition 47

bubbles 31

creamy 48

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I don't know about specific shampoo bars, but with funds being low here, I've been using my castile soap on my hair and omg it's wonderful. It's not all that bubbly but it cleans gently and isn't leaving my hair limp at all. I have thick coarse hair, color treated and prone to split ends. Just for the heck of it, today I used my regular conditioning shampoo and my hair looked aweful compared to what it had looked like. The castile doesn't really feel like it's bubbling hair clean, but it's cleaning it, I can tell. It also makes my hair feel much softer and that's what I look for in a shampoo. After regular shampoo use today and seeing how yukky it left my hair compared to the castile, tomorrow I'm going right back to my castile.

Oh and with just the castile, I can run my fingers through my hair without conditioner which I wouldn't be able to do if I dared to use store bought soap on it. My hair would be a matted mess since it's mid length and layered.

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vio. thanks for the input , I will totally give that a try.

I don't make a castile the the moment but I can give it a try.

Oh how I know that matted mess thin, usually with any shampoo my hair is way matted until I condition.

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I was reading more on shampoo bars and it seems castor is a key ingredient. The one I use on my hair had 10% castor in it so that might be why. Jojoba is supposed to be good for hair and not greasy, as well. :)

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I am seriously considering trying to make liquid shampoo if I could find a decent recipe

Snowdriftfarms has a recipe and directions but I still need to research more before i jump into that.

Seems some recipes have you neutralize the soap but not sure what that does.

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Maybe a super fatted liquid soap that is high in castor might work. Which is giving me ideas myself! Off to start cooking something up! I am going to try and make a neem and nettle shampoo this week.

Let us know how it works out and if you hair likes it:D

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