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soy-paraffin blending question

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This is a question for those that either use a parasoy blend or that make their own.

I'm considering adding in some paraffin to my colored GW464 candles strictly to get rid of frosting once and for all. Unfortunately I can't completely control my environment in my workshop area so frosting can still be an issue with my candles under certain circumstances and it really makes me crazy.

If anyone else has blended GW464 with paraffin and is willing to share any "gotchas", I would appreciate it. I be particularly interested in any tips on the absolute minimal amount of paraffin I can use to accomplish my goal. Don't wanna use a 70/30 ratio if a 90/10 would work ;)

Thanks in advance!


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I've found that it's a whole new batch of problems when building your own parasoy blend. I've found that 415 is the best mixing soy, not 464 or 444. I had pretty bad cracking (I'm talking from the wick to the base of the candle) when trying to mix either 444 or 464.

As far as percentages... what's your goal? Why are you wanting to add paraffin? Is it just to eliminate frosting? That was never a goal of mine, so I can only guess that it wouldn't take much paraffin to eliminate that. Maybe someone who knows the answer to your specific question will help more in that area.

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I too found 415 to play the best with paraffin. It even played better than Ecosoya pure.

I know this is not your mix but it might give you a starting point.

I mixed 6006 with 415 50/50.... worked great but I wanted to try to get the highest soy without frosting so I did a 70/30 mix. It also worked good, no frosting. IGI told me that the 6006 is under 50% soy.... so I guessed and figured it as a 70/30 blend... so if I did my math right on my 70/30 blend I ended up with close to a 80/20 blend. I think any less paraffin than that and the frost fairy's will come out to play.


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