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Second batch of Soapies

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My DH is really a sweetie, I was sitting on the sofa watching a movie with our little one when he came in yesterday early afternoon and he had a gift for me... a bucket of Lard and a HUGE bottle of OO :shocked2: OMG He really does listen to me!!!!

So I just couldn't let his gift go to waste... I pop my numbers in Soapcalc and figure what I'm going to need then it hits me, I really didn't like how that first batch came out shape wise... when I make a quick run to Wally World, I also make a second stop at Michaels right across the street (now tell me that isn't a dangerous intersection) and pick up a packet of soap colors, a teeny tiny jar of glitter and a piece of foamcore.

I looked online and found what is more or less standard for soap size, and made myself a mold. it's 3.5x3.5x10 inches. For something to start with, I don't think its too shabby. Though I have a feeling I'll be cutting myself some wood to make more permanent ones in the near future...

WOW did the lard trace fast, Since I've only ever made the other soap the other day, I made it the same recipe but with lard instead of the Veggie Shortening. I only used a few drops of the soap color and I think I nearly found out what soap on a stick is (or on a spatula). It didn't swirl very nicely because the colored bit was so firm but it's still a pretty soap to me, or at least interesting looking.

I think little one will be begging for a bar of this since it has such a nice little sparkle to it.






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Thanks Gals, I feel like a McDonald's Commercial... I'm Lovin it!!

I have a feeling I'm going to have to wait for my pops and give both recipes another spin before I decide which I like better to use as a 'plain ole bar of soap' for my planned b&b and soap line.

I used 2 different colorings so not sure the super fast trace and hard trace on my colored bits here the recipe or the coloring...

Oh well.. guess that means I'm going to have to make more and buy more FOs and other stuff... DARN:p



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And its all Y'alls faults... I was happy playing with my wax and wicks and FOs... but then I got involved here on this board and now look at me.....

:meditate: worrying about which FOs I have that are good soapers and buying lard and being concerned about if I have enough OO in the cupboard for both cooking and soaping...

If anything, I'll just have that much more to add to my crafting skills... and I'm not so Fight Club spooked over lye (though I know its still dangerous...)

Dang IT!!:pLub Y'all

Now if only the UPS or Mail man or whoever is bringing me my Pops would hurry the heck up n give em to me!!!

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