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Peaks vs WSP Goats Milk MP


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Hello soapers! I am a candlemaker but am starting to play around soaps. I am wanting to use goats milk as my mp base but am having trouble deciding which is best. I've read WSP is best, but Peaks has a few different ingredients listed in theirs like coconut & castor oil. I was just wondering if anyone out there has used these and can guide me into the right direction on which to choose or give me some pros and cons on each in comparison.

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Here is the link:http://www.sficcorp.com/

Some one here awhile back had posted the link, for SFIC ingredients, but I can't locate it. I know that Peaks, Greenleaf,

and Lonestar carry SFIC bases, that I know of.

I have tried Wsp goat's milk and silk and shea, I did kinda like

them, but for me I couldn't get them to lather, because we

have hard well water.

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After looking up each ingredient of the WSPs goats milk, I've definately decided to go with the SFIC! Wow, all I can say is I do not want some of those things in my soaps. This was interesting..


I'm a pretty strong believer in NOT putting unnessecary chemicals on the skin. After having severe acne for years, trying all those chemicals that were supposed to clear it up, it only got worse and irritated. Then I started washing my face with an all natural soap and stopped wearing makeup and it cleared right up. I just had no idea that stuff like this was in soaps and cosmetics...Thought most mp bases were all natural..

Anyways, Thanks for all your replies!

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