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Homemade Extract Butters


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I have been reading about all the butters that are now available to us and how expensive they are. I was wondering if anybody has tried to make their own. Example, Lavender or Chamomile butter. I would love to try this. From what I have been reading, they are mostly almond oil, lavender extract, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. If anyone has tried this, I would really like to know their experience. If not, I think maybe I will try over the weekend. Would Lavender EO and Lavender extract be the same.


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While many butters are mixtures of fixed oils and a hydrogenated oil like soy, they are not infusions like you have described.

A butter is a fixed oil, not an essential oil. A butter is a solid at room temperature fixed oil. A butter is most likely a blend of stearines (solid parts) of an oil and the hydrogenated soy.

Lavender extract is either a water soluble or oil soluble infusion of lavender and the carrier (water or oil). Lavender Essential Oil is the volatile oil (essential) that comes from lavender buds and flowers. Neither of these would be used to make a butter.

Lavender extract and/or lavender essential oil can be used to make a body butter like a lip balm.

Does this make sense?

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I think I will try to make some also. I will use gb415 soywax (hydrogenated soy) melt it add sweet almond oil & add lavender eo. The lavender butter I have bought just seemed like crisco & lavender eo & not much eo either. This is just my opinion, I have no direct knowledge of how they make it.

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