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Uh Oh - Did I have an allergy reaction?


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I have been making sugar scrubs and I love them. However, I decided to try out the entire recipe and added the preservative............liquipar and i added a F.O. ................Coconut Lime Verbena. Well, my skin got really hot, turned red and went kinda numb like.

So does anyone have any idea if I had an allergic reaction and if it could have been from the Liquipar or the F.O?

I have used F.O.'s before but not this one. I have never used the liquipar before. I used sweet almond oil but i have used that in smaller quantity before.


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Not a Dumb Question..........silly of me not to post all of that.

My FO is cosmetic grade. My recipe is:

1/2 cup Turbinado Sugar

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup Sweet almond Oil


FO......not accurate but I would say maybe a 1/10 of an oz. I don't know.....maybe 20 drops. Until nicely scented. :)

I kinda cook this way too so it might not be the best course for formulating b & b products. :)

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You know what, I was wondering if it was the liquipar. I have been using way too much. Way more than I need but I am still not sure what is right. It is only of the oils? OMG, have I been using way, way, way too much. Hit my head.

Do you think that is what the problem is?

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I use 1% preservative for total amount of oils/butter only...do not include your sugar in the amount. Weigh your oils and figure 1% of the weight...do all your ingredients in either ounces or grams so you don't overdose on the P :D

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Does your scale convert to grams? If so, multiply your oz by 30 (actual is closer to 28.something) but 30 gets you close enough!

I do all my small batches by grams...makes it soooooo much easier, especially for very small tests.

So multiply 8oz oils X 30

and .08 Pre X 30

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