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What Type Of Wax For Citronella Candles

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I want to start making citronella candles. I was wondering what type of wax do most of you use for them. I have a few coustmers who would like to buy some from me this summer. I have the FO and jars I want to use. but now I need to choose a wax and wicks to try out. Any help would be greatly appricated. Regina :D

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Hi Regina;

The citronella wicks require a special wick tab which they have also. I think it was with the wicks. I use them. No, I do not prime my wicks.

They were a little hard to get lite, but they work beautifully.

I don't use citronella fragrance oil, but "Sarah" from Flickers Fragrances.

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So, is it not the citronella scent that keeps that bugs away then? If it's not the scent, then what is it? I was going to make some citronella scented candles for outside, but if it's not that particular scent, maybe I won't, it doesn't smell nice...

(Sorry to go off the original topic.....)

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A citrus & herbal blend bursting with freshness. With touches of ocean, lemongrass, sage & musk on a light background of woods, thyme & lavender.

This reminds some people of Citrus & Sage. Very herbal.

This is the description from FlickersFragrances website. I think it is the combination of the fragrance oil and the wick smoking that keeps the bugs away.

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