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Sealing Molds


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Ok, this time I took all the advice from the vetern users, I did a search, I check the sticky topics and the FAQ's but I still cannot find an answer to this question.

I just got some new rubber molds, and I did get some mold sealing putty from the candle suppy store, but I was not exactly inexpensive. I am looking for ideas on a cost effective way of sealing thease two piece (top and bottom) molds so that I do not end up with a mess of wax leaking from the sides of the mold.

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Well thank you all for the help everyone, I found out that they are not self sealing, the hard way, LOL!

A bit of puddy around the entire edge is what it took to keep my wax in. Oh well, live and learn.

Another sealing question though, I have sean some type of foil tape used to seal molds, but I have no idea where to find it. Does anyone have any idea what it is called and where to get it?

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Have you used that Ducky? Does it work well?

On a silicone mold? NO. On a tin mold that I didn't want to wick, yes and it's works great ;)

I only have a couple silicone ones so I don't have the best answers. What I've done personally....

1. I have a thick silicone mold that a rubberband holds fine.

2. One softer mold, I set it on top of a pillar mold (so it'll sit flat even with a wick or pin sticking out) put a piece of scotch tape around the seam just to keep it from shifting and pour gently, then DON'T touch it again until it sets up some so it wont leak :D

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