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Anyone ever use Diatomaceous Earth?

beau's mama

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I've got a huge pail of this stuff (food grade) and though I use it around the house, on the dogs & in our beds it just doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. So, I had a thought about making a mud pack with it, and was just wondering if anyone has ever used it for that or any other B&B product.

The internet is not being very friendly toward me today :mad: I can't find one single idea for reference.


ETA: Yes, I searched the board...only 3 references to DE, including mine. Off to more searching

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The only time I've heard of it was in an episode of Bones, it was a murder clue...LOL!

:laugh2: I saw that episode

Please be careful with this stuff. It can cause severe respiratory problems if you breath it.

I'll have to go dig up my notes, but if I remember correctly, it is the pool grade DE that poses a much greater breathing hazard & health risk because of the way it's processed...something to do with the amount of silica it produces vs the amount that's produced with food grade DE.

Any fine powder warrants wearing a mask when using it IMO. Have you ever tried using SLSa w/ out a mask? Good grief, that stuff shoots everywhere!

I'm still looking.

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There are two types of DE. Food Grade and the Grade for Pools are different.

I use CodeX Food Grade DE for my hens. I use it in my nest boxes for parasite control. I have the feed mill mix it in my chicken feed for internal parasite control, harder shells on eggs and great plumage.

I know this may be more information that you needed, but if you would like more on the DE, you might find it here.


Most of my reading has been on the Poultry section of this board, when I first started reading about it, I just did a search and there was plenty of info pro and con.

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