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New here . . . first post/question

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As the title says I'm new here. I think i'm will be "different" when compared to most of you . . . as i'm male.

I would like to begin to order my supplies. Here is what I'm thinking.

Ecosoya Advanced - I want to make container candles

why can't i use this wax to fill votives? Containers and the votives i've looked at are both glass. Sample Votive i might use - http://www.peakcandle.com/products/4-oz-Flower-Pot-Votive-Holders-CASE-of-24__C1015.aspx

I live in Houston. Can anyone suggest a quality store to order from?

Going with the environmentally friendly theme, how about recycled containers?

Thanks everyone.

I'm welcome to all suggestions!

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OK, First thing you're gonna want to do is find the closest/best supplier to you. Lonestar is a good one- not sure how far from Houston though. A local supplier is a wonderful thing. Shipping costs are crazy so if you can find someone close enough to pick up from is AWESOME. You don't want to pick a wax to start using/testing until you find that supplier- you'll want to start with whatever they carry and make it work if at all possible! Even for my suppliers in my zone, a $40 case of wax costs $60 after it's been shipped to me! YIKES!

Here's a list of suppliers, state by state... http://www.suppliersbystate.com/state-listings.php

A votive wax would be a harder wax for votives that are poured into molds and then need to be released into freestanding candles that melt into a puddle upon burning (that's why they must be burned in tight fitting votive holders). If you're wanting to just make container candles in a votive holder, that'll work too. But it's no longer a votive, it's a container and you WOULD use your same container wax.

There IS a problem with recycled containers, unfortunately. Glass is stressed by high heat and it's just about impossible to tell where and how much without VERY scientific super duper equipment. That equals very expensive... anyway, if you want to be environmentally friendly, encourage your customers to reuse/ recycle the container for other things (canisters, etc). Glass is recycleable... just don't recycle used glass for candles, start with new!


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I am not fond of recycled container mainly like Kristi said you have no idea what they have been through.

Yes you can use a container wax to fill votive container. Conatiner wax just will not come out of a mold that is why most do not use it when selling regular votives. There is even away to do that and that is making your votives in dixie cups and then you just peel the cup away from the wax.

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lol, when you have to start paying shipping on 50lb of wax you will be glad to pay sales tax in state. also if you have tid (tax id number) you do not have to pay sales tax on your supplies. here are two local suppliers for ya

houstoncandlesupply.com they are located on interstate 10 east at beltway 8.

texascandlesupply.net they are located at 310 wells fargo drive. suite c-5.

there are alot of suppliers in the dallas area, starrville is in tyler, there's one in gladewater.

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Gotta love the kits! And EcoSoya is a good wax that turns out beautiful! I hope you have a blast making candles!

On the recycled glass topic, I myself have considered using recycled glass and while the ladies are right on the heat issue I do believe it can work if you are using thicker glass containers. I found a website a while ago of a company that specializes in recycled glass and has a collection of candle containers that are all the thicker glass. However this company is wholesale only and their first order is a $200 min. Just a thought in case you do want to pursue that route because I don't think using recycled glass for candlemaking is impossible, I just think you have to be careful in the type of recycled glass you choose. Of course I still think it is always good to put "reminders" on your container to "please recycle" because that is just good practice and doesn't hurt anything. :D

Here is the link to the glass company if you ever wanna check it out...


Sorry if I sound to "green"! :D

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As the title says I'm new here. I think i'm will be "different" when compared to most of you . . . as i'm male.

Welcome! Us guys will need to stick together. :cool2: There are quite a few guys on the board, but we're definitely in the minority here. Everybody has great suggestions for you, another one is to avoid getting too caught up in it (buying alot of stuff right away) until you get a sense of liking making candles. It's easy to get real enthusiastic at first, spending alot of money on stuff you might not really need until later, when you decide you want to take it to the next level. After two + years of playing around and making candles as gifts and selling a few to friends, I'm getting ready to take the next step toward starting a real candle business. But if that's your goal, you'll need lots of parctice and patience to get good, and to learn proper testing techniques before even thinking about selling.

Good luck! geek

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