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Shipping times for supplies

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Hi everyone. I'm finally back on my feet and making candles again. I moved to New Zealand, and a local art gallery wants to sell my embed pillars. Unfortunately I can't get good supplies here. I want to order wax and stuff from my favorite U.S. suppliers and have it sent to my sister's house in California. I can pick it up when I visit her next week.

So I'm wondering how long it takes for shipping within the continental U.S. I want to order from Peak's and CandlesAndSupplies.com, but I'm not sure if it will arrive in California within a week.

Does anyone know? Thanks!

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This is a super busy time of year for suppliers and any delivery UPS/USPS/Fed Ex, etc., I think you stand a fairly good chance at Peak's, but not sure about Candles & Supplies. It takes me a week to get supplies from Peak to me (west coast to east coast) and C&S is 90 minutes from me.

Both have options of express (quicker delivery) but you will pay for it.

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Thanks for the replies. I checked out the CT list of suppliers by state. I found a West Coast source for crystallizing palm wax, so that'll save time and money.:D

Unfortunately, I need tealight plug inserts and aluminum hexagon molds which I've only found at CandlesAndSupplies.com. But now that I know how long it takes for some of you to get your orders, I'll be on the safe side and pay for fast shipping.

Thanks again!

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Be careful on paying extra shipping, because it doesn't always mean that they will put you ahead of others to get your stuff there next day, in two days or even three days, especially at this time of year. Really going to encourage trying to reach these suppliers to double check on those shipping options.

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I am not sure exactly what you want but have you tried the two main Australian suppliers?

They dont have anywhere near the same range as the Americans though...



Also..All Australian Candle Making have some moulds



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