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Could some one help me with fragrances


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Hi guys. Happy Holidays to everyone!

I was wondering if you fragrance pros could help me with a few Philosophy scents, if possible?

Can you explain the differences between:

Amazing Grace

Pure Grace

Baby Grace

Looking for something subtle and soft. I would really appreciate it!

Also, if you don't mind :o--can anyone offer advice for a true true mac apple. Not for candles, but for perfume or lotion.

I tried something from BBW called Irresitable Apple. It's nice, but just a little too overpowering for me. Is Be Delicious a better one? Thanks so much!

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My take on the difference between the Philosophy scents--I find Amazing Grace clean and fresh with just a hint of something floral but only a hint. Pure Grace is very similar but more clean, and I find no hint of anything floral. It's just what Philosphy says--"soap and water" clean. The Baby Grace to me had a baby powder scent, but it's been several years since I bought Baby Grace. Of the three, I didn't care much for the Baby Grace and gave it to my sister (I bought everything they had in it). She loved it, and all of her friends loved it, too.

Don't know about the other ones you asked about. I love Be Delicious, but I have no idea how it compares to the other scents you mentioned. Hope this helps a little.

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I just ordered samples of all of these dupes from fragrancesbydesign....I'm a die-hard pure grace wearer (searched years for that soap/water clean smell, lol!)

I am anxious to smell their version of these scents.....esp my fave! See how close it smells to the real mccoy.

I do like Amazing Grace too. :)


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Thank you Luci!

Hi Carrie, it's for a gift exchange and I'm still trying to decide which would be best...for a lotion.

Thank you Dana for your help. Maybe pure grace or amazing grace then.

Be Delicious...I want to try so much. But that one will be for me! I'd like this to be a bed time soft lotion and for my friend something all day.

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I'm sorry! I just realized I did not explain that I was buying perfume or lotion. Not fragrance oils. Although, if I did that I could probably afford to buy all of them for her.:tongue2: Maybe I could make a lotion from fo....hmmm...

Anyway sorry again I was not clearer. I planned on purchasing from any place carrying those fragrances --like dept store.

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