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Had a show yesterday, had good and bad parts


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Well yesterday was my first show of the season -- I know -- first one? All I can say is that I'm small potatos -- baby potatos, actually. :D This show is a small one that I've done for three years now. It's called the Santa Shop and everything is priced at $8 or less to give kids a chance to buy Christmas presents. Most of the exhibitors use it as a way to clear stock and reduce inventory towards the end of the year. Anyways, my friend and I do this show together -- she does jewelry and I do the candles. Added on some B&B stuff for the first time this year!

Total take between the two of us was a little over $250 for three hours of show. Not awesome, but we're both happy with it (booth fee was $18). I took some pictures - we had really good placement - one of the first booths you went by when coming in the room and being on the corner we could "L" two tables together.

The traffic was slower than last year -- we both noticed it. My $2 candles were a hit - brought back less than half of what I took with me. Moved a few 2 oz lotions. None of the larger sized stuff moved, which didn't surprise me too much, but not many lip balms sold, either and that DID surprise me. Were priced at $1.50 and sold a few, but less than a dozen of them overall.

The one good note was another exhibitor and her partner came by and bought quite a few candles and invited me to participate in some home shows that they are doing next weekend. They do Beauty Control and jewelry and said the candles would along perfectly. So I wasn't anticipating doing anything next weekend but restock, but it looks like I'll be busy! I considered that a good sign. :D Had a few repeat customers from last year as well who remembered me - it felt good when they bought more, must mean they were happy with my products!

Comments on the setup are welcome....I didn't use my riser or some of my other display props this time so things were a little flat, but otherwise I was pleased.

Hopefully the pics work!





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That is pretty good for a three hour show! And what a great idea.

A school district near us used to do a show like this every year and my mother-in-law would take her grandson's there to do their mommy and daddy shopping.

Your display looks very, very nice and inviting.

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You did have a good show for that amount of time. I am sure you were pleased.

I know what you mean about kid shopping.They are so cute. I had a couple boys about 8 come to my booth. The one said "HOW much is this".He needed to buy something for his mom.It was $2.00 and he had $3 BUT he pondered. Then asked about candles. We said we will sell you one for $3.00 if interested. He sniffed a few and his friend did too. Almost a sale and then found something else. His friend said "HEY get something soon".I already got my grandma something now get your mom something. The boys kept trying to decide. Finally the boy's friend said "I have $5.00 to give you so lets decide." The boy kept looking for his mom. Kept picking up things and we would give a price. Finally he decided on a candle plate, a candle and a candle ring. All for $8.00. We were generous and a had fun with them.

Honestly when the boys put those things together I thought WOW what a neat thing they came up with and they gave me ideas.

You should have seen the one friend whenever his friend couldn't make up his mind.He would throw up his hand and put his head in them. Funny kids. I bet we spent 20 minutes working with them. As they were leaving they were going down through traffic talking about what he got(or was it got away with) and were so happy.I watched them and a policeman looked at me with a big grin.He saw them dart out very happy and heard what they said.

I feel at times this is what it is all about. Sure we want to make money but kids are kids and deserve a little something when they think of their moms.


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It is always fun to have kids shop at the booths. I think it makes them feel grown up. The best thing that my oldest son gave me was a huge ruby ring surrounded with diamonds. It only cost a dollar and when he gave it to me for Christmas he said mom I know you have been wanting a diamond ring so I bought you one. I just teared up because that was the best thing I ever received. I wore that ring to work even though it was pinching my finger. Everyone was so impressed they thought it was real until I told them my son bought it for a dollar. Then they laughed, but it was so special to me.

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I remember the first year we sold candles, we had a little guy with a dollar searching and searching for something for his mom. I helped him, my business partner helped him, etc. etc. He finally found something he wanted, but didn't have enough money, so I told him "that will be $1 please". His face lit up.

Later, we talked about this and I confessed I had only charged him $1 for a $3.50 item - she confessed that she had not charged him for the fancy gift bag he wanted, and she had wrapped everything individually and put a bow on each item for him....lol It made us feel so good that the little guy was all set for his present for mom!

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Yeah those kids are pretty cute. Some see the first thing and make up their mind super fast, others ponder forever. This adorable little boy bought a necklace from my friend -- had the money clenched in his fist -- she had to explain that the necklace was $5 -- he gave it to her and expected change! Poor guy was soooo confused and as he walked away we hoped he wasn't going to drop his money.

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Scented -- it's a wooden stool that I think I picked up at Michael's or Joann's-- stained it and it was good to go! I also got a flat wood slice I guess you'd call it -- basically a cross section with the bark still ringing the outside. Stained that as well -- that's what some of the fosted tumblers are on.

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