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Which thickness of gel wax do I use?


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Way back when I first started there were sites that indicated it could hold more FO...and I am all about the scent...it worked well with my customers, etc.

This is when gel was my only type of candle.

But now the focus is moving towards other types I have tested the mix of the two types and have been satisfied....but don't know if I can go all the way to medium.

Just me, I guess I am weird.... :undecided

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It hard to break a habit. If I had started with high I would be the same. I am the same with low I know there are application where it would be better to use low but no I just can not bring myself to do any more than make a candle or two and then back to using medium or high.

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I used to do only gels, too, and began using the HP because of the fo load. I also prefer the HP when making "seascape" candles and need to suspend glass embeds.

I bought some LP a couple of years ago when I made a few fruit salad type candles in dishes. I found it easier to work with for that particular type. I don't make a lot of gels anymore, but I still make the pies and definitely prefer the medium.

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