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Hi! I am in need of advise....please. I have been testing out votives and some are strong and some are light. Do you think most people feel 1 votive is going to make their whole house smell good or do you think most feel the size of a bathroom or bedroom is good? I would like to word it somehow on my site so people aren't thinking 1 votive is going to be a strong as a candle may be. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could word it without them thinking votives are weak?


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Votives are candles, and I would think that most candle consumers realize a votive will not scent up a 20x40 high ceiling family room. If you are looking for verbage, I would suggest.

"Our 2 ounce votives scent a small room (bathroom/bedroom) nicely. If you would like to scent a larger area we suggest our [fill in size of your container] candle."

Not those exact words, because I'm tired and can't think creatively, but I think you get my meaning.

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I made one batch of Bramble Berry 'Orange Clove' votives back before Halloween that a single votive would fill a huge area. My house is 2300 sq ft, and I could be a the back of it and smell the solitary votive going in the front room. I have not been able to repeat that since with other FOs. :mad:


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