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Tarts too strong??

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I never thought tarts could be too strong,i usually just measure my fragrance in a shot glass but this time i decided to weigh each one out.I love STRONG tarts buts these are just way too strong and i needed to fill orders like yesturday.I was trying to figure out a way to package them.All you need is 1/4 of a tart(i use the fluted molds).I indivually shrink wrap each tart.I use (ecosoya pb).I thought maybe cut tart into quarters and put in bag? I am in desperate need of any suugestions anyone may have.What a time to have this problem.....these are my christmas orders!

Thank-You in advance,,,,,,Lelliebet

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I would leave them whole and let the customer decide the strenghth they want. They will break them down if they don't want a lot of scent. Plus it depends on how large of a room people have as well. If they have a huge open house with high ceilings that will make a huge difference on the scent. Don't worry about it.

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You could add an equal number of plain white unscented and then somehow explain on your packaging to add to one 'Ultra scented' for a lighter effect.

Far as cutting them down, I'd only cut them in half, if you can do so neatly... I'm not sure i'd cut them down so small as 1/4. But again, only if you can make a clean cut. This is where you risk really messing up your hard work because what's the point if they look crappy, yanno?

You could always use the wrong kind of poly bag, lol-:shocked2: that will suck the scent out. By the time they get or use them they might be the right strength...?? Just a thought, lol.

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