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Wicking Perfect Blend...in 5" pie candles

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Hi Everyone! I'm testing my perfect blend from KY in the 5" pie tins using 8% fo and a drop of color. Now, I have wicked one with (3) 36-24-24z's and (3) 44-24-18z's. The 44's are burning alittle too fast for my liking, but the 36's are a bit on the dim side, after only burning for 2 hrs. I have alot of LX's and was wondering what size I should start with in the LX's. I'm trying to get away from zinc's but haven't tested much with the LX's. Any advise for me?

Thank you. :)

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Gosh, No one makes the pie's? I'm testing Every wick I have now, including single wicks. Can't find anything I like. Now I know why I stopped making these. It's coming back to me like a Bad labor. LOL. For those of you who do make the pie's do you wick down so that there is an "edge crust" or do you wick to completely liquify? ANY suggestions would help me. Thanks :)

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:embarasse I saw your post and was hesitant to reply because I don't use the wax or wicks you're using..., but I do make the 5" pies. Also, I don't know what your shells are made of. I use soy (C-3) for the fill, and beeswax shells and embeds.

The people I buy from sell them on Ebay and that is who I got my wicks from. They're a cotton coreless wick, size 60 something. I forget exactly.. but I had tried 3 wicks and they drowned out, so I emailed them and they told me to use 4. Also, you have to burn them in a pie tin (with a plate or something non-flammable or damagable underneath). They are basically meant to be burned like container candles, like votives.

As for the pie liquifying all the way to the edge, I think that's a personal preference? But, that being said, the idea of a container candle is that it develops a full melt-pool within a certain time frame. For a 5 incher, I'd say you'd have to burn them for about 5 hours or so? Maybe someone else will jump in on this. My customers typically don't burn them- they say they're too nice to burn and just use them as air fresheners or to display as a decoration.

Hope this helped some. I wish I could help a bit more on the wick question, but I just can't remember what they are.


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Hi Violet!

Thank you for your response!! Well, the crusts are paraffin and so are the embeds, so the candle it's self will be about 70% PB. LOL. If I were going to sell these consistantly I would make the crusts and embeds soy, but this is a rare order on the pies, My customers love the votives and jars.

I've done 14 different wick tests and I'm in getting two more sizes soon, so I'm getting close to making a decision. The problem with the pies is that the wicks need to be hot enough to melt alot of the top, but yet it's so narrow at the bottom. ALL of the wicks I tested would get a low flame(dim) and mushroom some during the first burn. But then be bright and have a nice flame on the remaining burns.

I got 10 lbs. of C3 to begin testing in Jan. I hope I like it. lol. I also got KY's natural votive/pillar wax to test....I'm excited about that. Well, anyway, thanks again for the reply!! :)

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