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Burn Time

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The numbers are all over the place, depending on wax, wick and burn style.

Just as an example, a typical votive burns for 12-18 hours (2 ounces). That's either a burn rate of .166 oz per hour or .11 oz. per hour.

If you are referring to your own candle, this is what you need to do. Put the candle on a scale. Record the weight. Burn for 2 hours, blow it out, trim, weigh it again. The difference is the amount of wax burned in 2 hours. Keep this up until you are done. Divide the total wax burned by the total hours and you will have your burn rate. If it falls into the range above, it is acceptable. If not, you need to try a new wick.



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This link is amusing, but you need powerpoint to view the Science Fair presentation. http://beth.blog-city.com/multimedia_science_fair_candle_burn_times.htm

The student concluded that soy and gel burn longer than paraffin. She burned the soy and gel votives in glass, and the paraffin on plates and noted that paraffin wax has a lot of waste, LOL.

Amazing how little the general public knows about candle burning.

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