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Online Sales This Year


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HI Everyone, just wanted to ask all of you that do online sales, if you are staying busy., and are getting sales thru your website, being retail or wholesale..

I have been online now for around 5 years, I have a newsletter subscriber list of over 1000, and send out letters every month with specials and such.

What I am noticing from previous years , "now this is my experience only", is that sales are down for me, and not just alittle but a lot.. Last year was pretty good for online sales, but this year it is like pulling teeth..

What's everyone experience and how do I turn this around..


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My on-line sales have only been 2 last year and this year 2 but one lady got alot of tarts to try and the other has become a sales rep.Working on parties in her area and the few candles she did buy for herself people brought them from her. So another small order this week but that I am sure this will lead to larger order after her 2 parties.I am not a party person.They have faded in my area but if they are popular in some areas great to have them.

Then I got 2 nice e-mails from locals.One wanted to know where I will be and the other wants to possibly do a fundraiser after it is brought before a committee. Neighbor wants 30 4 ounce candles and a friend wants a tart warmer and some tarts.She never tried them before and not opting for them.

I have been on-line for a 1 1/2 and now things are looking up.Going to look into search engines.

I am going to schedule craft shows for every week-end till Dec 15. Need to call all of them but looks promising. 2 more just yesterday I signed up for and another is this week-end. Booth is FREE because my name was drawn last year for that. Not big but I like to go to them. Gets me out there and always compliments


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