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Lid or Jar Label?


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I would suggest on the side only because if sitting on a store's shelf, the customer can see the side of the jar from where they are standing, versus having to pick up the product to look on top. Make it easier for the customer to see the info, because most may not pick it up to look.

Every product I make has the label on the side, with the exception of my lotion bar which is in a 4 oz. tin, and my 8 oz. sq. mason jar candle, cause I don't want to mess with the small square labels on the side (my print program doesn't have a template for that size).

Just my thoughts.



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Hi, To answer your question, it depends on the size of the jar, I put body butters and heavy (highly concentrated) creams in 4oz jars. this jar only has a little under 3/4" height on the side, so I have no other alternative to put a round label on the lid, with the ingredients on a 1/2" label on the side.

Take Care,


For your B&B products, such as body butters and scrubs, do you add the label to the lid or the jar itself?


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I have to agree with on the jar.

To me, a label on the lid and a label on the jar is the difference between an official product ready for retail and a home hobbiest. Lots of people put them on the lids, though. It looks fine. But just first impression wise I personally like it on the jar. And of course, sometimes it's just not feasable to do it on the jar as soulm8 mentioned.

In some labeling styles, it might add work/cost, but sometimes putting the scent info or just your business logo, tag line etc, on the lid is SUPER nice IMO.:smiley2:

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Before I decided on my jar labels, I looked at products from Body Shop, BBW, VS etc.

BBW and Body Shop put their labels on the lid. VS puts it on the side of the jar. All of them have nice labels.

For my 2 oz and low profile jars, I put a label on the lid with my company info, product and scent. I had round ingredient labels printed up and put those on the bottom for these jars. For my 4 oz and 8 oz, I put the label around the jar with the ingredients on this label. The exception is my amber jars. Clear labels around the side is too hard to see and white labels to me glows like a sore thumb lol I prefer the label on the lid for these jars.

I also think if you are coloring your product and using either a clear or frosted jar, a label on the side covers up the color. The color adds a little pizazz to the appearance of the product. Just my opinion though.

I personally think it comes down to jar size and preference. Based on what the bigger companies are doing, I don't think one is less professional than the other.

Before you started making your own products, did you buy a jar because the label was on the lid or on the side? I sure didn't. I bought it for the product itself :tiptoe:

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