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Are all tins created equally?


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I'd like to make tins but are concerned about the "catching on fire" posts. I talked to someone in a shop who sells them and she said that there are different quality tins. She buys from a company in Poultney, Vermont and the tin is heavier than most and doesn't get really hot. It was a 3" dia by 2" high tin....anyone have feedback on a good supplier. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the candle company in Poultney to ask directly....



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I don't think they meant the actual tin itself caught on fire, but rather the stuff inside, be it wick trimmings, bad wicking, or flashpoints with adds.

The lowest grade tin shouldn't have any changes under 800 degrees and if your tin has problems and gets to 800 degrees, you've likely wicked it with explosives!

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