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seems no matter what I do I get big flames - 1.5" high - in my 3" pillars with CBL-141. And when I wick down I end up with tunneling (and still big flames).

I've tried RRD, HTP, LX... same thing (tho LX works GREAT in my 2" pillars with the same wax & FO). I'm trying zinc now which seems a little better maybe.

So my question, after all this verbiage, is this - does a too big flame mean wick DOWN? It makes sense it would, but I seem to get a lot of candle things back-assward lately!

(oh, and FO - most recently Peak Mediterranean Fig - at 1 oz added to 1# wax, with a few drops of Peak liquid candle dyes, no more than 7 drops per pound which is 0.05%)

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