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Those of you that make tarts, which FO's & from where give you >>


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I've made a lot of tarts (in the thousands), I hate having excess wax so I pour any additional votive or pillar wax into tarts. I might add a splash more fragrance oil when I heat up the wax to pour the tarts. I kind of test the limit to what percent usage of FO my wax will hold and try to keep it at maximum.

As far as scent throw. I use SOS ultra concentrated fragrances. I've never gotten complaints from my customers, they just keep coming back for more tarts. Get a good concentrated FO. Should be strong almost to the point of unrecogonizable out of the bottle. Sometimes it's good to try manufacturers or wholesalers like Save-on-scents or Wellington. Manufacturers/wholesalers often give you an option of concentration. Retailers in order to maximize profits may buy oils in high concentrations and then cut them down to a all-purpose strength. I'm not saying that to bad mouth retailers but it's what I do for my 1/2oz. bottled oils. It doesn't undermine the quality only the strength. Even makes them more palatable to the nose. Which you don't necessarily get when trying to sell a concetrated FO.

Also it's important that your tarts cure for 2 weeks before testing. This is the best way to determine how well they throw.


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Definitely test.

Check the FO section here on the forum for favorites, that's a good place to start. Your best bet is to get your supplies from a reputable supplier.

Tarts generally give a good scent throw and are easier to formulate (you don't have all those wonderful wicking issues to deal with). Figuring out what sells and what doesn't (in your market) is the harder part. Sometimes even IF something throws like crazy and you love it -- customers don't. Just how it is. :)

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