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FO: Scent Receipes


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Do any of you have any scent receipes? I want to do some "Mad Lab" creations and would love some good combinations that you may know of if you dont mind sharing.

I assume when some of the ones that say "equal parts" it is meaning 1/2oz of each scent to 1-2lbs of wax... am I correct or will that be an overload on scent?

Newbie .. can ya tell~LOL :tongue2:

Sorry for the bombarding of stupid questions... but we gotta learn somehow I guess~haha

thanks much


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Equal parts mean equal amounts. For instance, I usually use 1oz of fo per pound of wax ... therefore, if I was mixing apple & cinnamon, I would mix 1/2oz apple and 1/2oz cinnamon (equal ... or the same amount of each fo) to scent 1 pound of wax.

Hence, if I were going to pour 4 pounds of wax, I would mix 2oz of apple & 2oz of cinnamon.

The only mix I can think of right now is equal parts of Toasted Marshmallow and Hot Chocolate ... both of these fo's are from www.kycandlewaxsupply.com. I named it Chocolate Marshmallow.

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we now make Mango & Lemon , Lemon & Lavender, try these simple ones you may like them, and yes equal parts of each...we also use 1 oz per lb of wax, it seems to be the rule of thumb and works great for all our waxes and FO's .....unless you want more of the smell from one of the scents you are working with. goodluck !

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