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crockpot disaster


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Ok maybe you're not supposed to put the crock on the stove to heat oils.

Here is what happened,

I noticed that oil was leaking out of crockpot so i slid the crock to the other burner and it began to really leak ...I decided i needed to get it to the sink fast as the stove top was super hot.

When I lifted the crock the entire bottom had broken off and oil went everywhere, floor stovetop in the oven...what a complete mess!

So I tried to clean up the hot oil without getting burned withbath towels and let the stove cool down

took me an hour to clean up all that oil (3lbs)

I am now cooking in a stock pot...whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had to start over , lye was awaiting in the garage...all was well in the end. Just lucky I had on long pants cause oil splashed down the front of me.

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I had a 16-year old who cleaned for me. One day she came after school to clean and for some reason thought she could cook and eat my food. She put my Pampered Chef Stoneware baking sheet directly on the gas flame to cook some frozen popcorn shrimp. Took her a few cleaning visits to pay off that mistake (I'm mean, but she was totally irresponsible and knew it).

Guess I'm saying it's the sort of mistake others make too.

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