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My new MP soap bar


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Thank you. I think she will like it. Green is her favorite color, and I scented it with cucumber mint (also her favorite). Its a good thing I only have the one box mold, bought on a whim. These are fun to make, but one at a time slows me down. LOL. I have made her a set of 3, and will keep this one, the first because of the dent from where our "sweet kitty" decided it looks like a hocky puck and smacked it across the room.

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It's a beautiful bar of soap! Is it glycerine? I can't wait to join in the fun of MP.

Yes, the outside is plain old clear glycerin soap. The inside is clear glycerin I added just a tiny tiny pinch of titanium dioxide to, and green dye.

One thing I’ve found useful with the clear glycerin is that if you heat it slow and cool it fast it seems to make it clearer; if that’s the effect you want. I use my double boiler and just bring the water to a simmer and then wait patiently for the soap to come to temperature before adding anything to it.

You’re going to have so much fun!

Thank you all for the encouragement... They are wrapped and will be opened tomorrow... I think she will like them... well, especialy since theres also some green paper (cash) in with them!

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