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scent & colour

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how do you know what scent is best with what colour?? do you have a chart??

lavender with peach colour??

spring sachet with light green??

not sure?? Help!!:confused:

That's the beauty of making your own candles.. do it however you want to! You can use common sense and make Georgia peach --peach. Or Cappuccino Hazelnut -- light brown or Blueberry ehmmm blue? OR you can throw caution to the wind and do whatever you want. OR you can just make them all naturally colored and you dont' have to worry about it LOL!!

I have noticed over the years that a lot of people will ask about a particular FO and what color everyone makes it, and of course everyone gives their opinions. But I say do whatever seems right to you. There's probably a chart out there somewhere.. there seems to be one for everything these days if you google long enough! ;)

Have fun making candles!

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Not sure what colors to use?

Here is a start:


NG also gives color suggestions in their fragrance descriptions. Between the two you can get an idea of what colors to use. Or like others said, go with whatever you want. If you click on the general information square on your left, there is a link of color suggestions there as well.

I had someone who loves my pink sugar candles but just moved into a new home and her living room is brown and blue. She wanted pink sugar but the candles to be blue. Who am I to argue? lol

I would love to do all my candles uncolored BUT unless I am pouring 10 of the same scent at a time, I would sure get confused as to what I just poured and where I put it. I am just a clutz like that. I finally started using a little label maker and popping the scent on the jar until the next day so I could put the proper label on them.

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thank you to all, I'm glad to know that you do what you please, I do the same........................ ;)

Jami: I printed the chart, at least it will help me make the decision................. thanks :);)

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I only use a chart as a suggestion and nothing else. What I do is smell it OOB to get a general idea and then smell it again in warm wax. The first color that comes to mind is what the candle will be and in the event the colors are different, I use them both in two-tone marbles.

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Just my 2 cents worth. I consider the dominant item in the FO, and use that as the base color, then I add a drop or two of color for each other component of the FO. For example: Apple cinnamon, 10 drops red for the apple, 2 drops brown for the cinnamon, per pound.

You will end up with some very exotic colors, and no matter how many fragrances you have, no two will be exactly the same. We currently have 245 fragrances on our list, and there are only a handfull of duplictes.


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