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I've found that RRD's mushroom quite a bit but they work the best for me in my soy (full melt pool and great hot throw). Other wicks I tried did not shroom near as much but I couldn't get a FMP.



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There isn't really a "page" for troubleshooting. Basically most of this board is that...lol. Read, read, and read some more :grin2:

Some wicks will mushroom no matter what you do. Sometimes you can lessen it with different combinations. Flat ply and square braid wicks don't normally mushroom, but they do usually curl.

More info would help... what kind of candle? - pillar, container, votive...etc.What size candle? What kind of wax? What additives, if any? How much FO? What type/size wicks? (what size RRD in your case)

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