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Seals for jars

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Put the liners on, screw the cap on, and let it sit for a couple of hours. It worked for me! When I just ordered some 4 oz jars with the seals, I found out they also shipped mine with a different type screw on lid for this purpose. I never new there was an extra "tool" until I bought from a supplier instead of the classies.


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When I've used jar seals, I screw the lid down tight and that makes them seal. They don't come back up when the cap is opened. I got mine at MMS.


I make sure the rims are wiped clean, this is usually the reason for the seal to get stuck in the lid. They seal within a few hours after being applied. I prefer the clear seals like Avon uses, but I haven't found them online in a really long time. If anyone has a link- I would love to find these again.

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