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floating candles

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I am looking for floating candle molds. I've have looked everywhere!! I want the round looking ones.

I have never tried burning a floating candle before so I'm not very farmilliar with them. How is a floating candle suppose to burn? I mean how does the wax not drip out. Can anyone clarify?

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I make SURE the bottom of the candle is good & sealed with wax before floating them - Nearly all suppliers carry molds for them, but you can make your own or use tart molds. There's nothing prettier than twinkling candles floating in water! I put them in my little pond when I am having guests in for the evening - they look so inviting and merry!:grin2:

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Is this the one you are looking for?



Pourette use to carry it, I have one from them, but of coure they are out of business. I haven't found it yet, but I'm sure it must be out there. It is a 2 part plastic mold.

Good Luck

BTW - I don't like the metal tart molds for floaters, because they have a flat top, when you place them in the water you get water on top of the floter and the wick drowns out.

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