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Testing Christmas Splendor, NEED ADVICE?

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Ok, I want to get an early jump on the testing of some Christmas scents and I'm starting with Christmas Splendor. I bought 1 oz from Nature's Garden and 1 oz from the Candle Source. My question is..... because of the spice's in it do you think I need to start with wicking up from my standard size wick? AND I will be testing and adding other Christmas scents, soooooo it would be SO GREAT, IF some of you seasoned chandler's could chime in on some of the Christmas scents and supplier's you had to wick up on to help me with a starting point?



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Last year I tested NG's Christmas Splendor, but could not get the wicking right ... after several different sizes, I finally stopped frustrating myself and ordered it from JS (I had to wick up 2 sizes).

Since I already order a few fall/holiday scents from The Candle Source, I might try their's this year.

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I'm also testing Candle Source 'Christmas Splendor' and I'm not having luck. Weak and fuel smell. I'm using IGI 4794 mixed about half with Green Leaf 70/30 in votives, 36-24-24 zinc wicks. I just made a second batch with 1 oz FO / lb thinking that maybe I overdid the FO in the original batch (but my notes on the original batch are on my desk at work at this moment). I'm melting that original batch down to tarts, and it seems fine for that. Plenty strong, no fuel smell, so the problem is when I add flame.

I'm thinking this is not the best 'Christmas Splendor' out there? Any recommendations?

Edit: found this thread about 'Christmas Splendor', but I'd still welcome current recommendations as it's kind of old:



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