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I am testing some body frostings, I have never used them before.

Could someone try to tell me what a good one should feel like and look like




Feels like going on

Feels like after it dries


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I think body butter is kind of a catch all phrase, and body frosting also can be interpreted in different ways. Most commercial 'body butters' are emulsified, and basically very thick creams. A lot of us natural makers, when referring to body butters, are talking about a blend of soft and hard oils, but no water.

I do the emulsified, mostly because the all oil ones are just too intense for my skin, and I even have dry skin, and live in the semi-desert.

If I were to 'distinguish' between body butter and body frosting, to me, body frosting sounds like it'd be whipped. Basically, take the body butter (emulsified or not), and whip it. So you can 'peak' it like you would with frosting a cake.

Body Butters (especially the emulsified ones) can easily be shipped during the summer. Anything whipped though is going to collapse in the heat. It's something to consider when figuring out what you're doing.

The whipped versions often feel like they're going on lighter than the body butters, but in actuality, it's mostly because you're not using as much. When you 'scoop' with your fingers, you tend to not pull out as much with the whipped stuff as you do with the butter.

I hope I'm making sense! :confused: I spent all day packing boxes, and then an hour in the pool with kids, and I'm exhausted.......

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My body frosting I make is a very thick emulsified cream, it feels very smooth going on, soaks right in kind of like lotion but with more firmness, mine is made with all natural ingredients with the exception of the preservative of course. I whip it and it does look kind of like frosting when you are making it, if you tip the mixer bowl over it would be very slow to come out.

My butter is just shea butter whipped with either EO or FO added. This would definitely need a spoon to get out of mixing bowl.

Now, this is just my way of doing it and the names I have given them, I am sure there are many variations from person to person



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