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Lip balm and extracts


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I would like to add a completely all natural but flavorful line to my lip balm selections, at the current time I have the Healing which has EO and the Chocolate Mint which has real chocolate and Peppermint EO, and those are all natural but I want to use some extracts to add more variety. Any suggestions? I have only seen water based extracts so far and as you know that will not work at all



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Ditto Robin's idea. I was about to suggest some vanilla infused oil. Honey or agave nectar are other options you could consider... maybe even some sweet orange, chamomile or lime eo?

I checked out the oil-soluble extracts at Herbarie, there's an Oat CO2 Extract that looks particularly interesting to me though I'm not sure how you'd impart flavor from that.

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Thanks for all the replies, I have used hte Orange and Lime EO for flavors, but I want to do chocolate and like raspberry or Chocolate and Almond, here is one place that does it but I cannot for the life of me figure out what kind of extracts they could be using


I was given some of theirs lately and they do taste yummy, they use no flavor oils just extracts etc.


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They've got a section that's "About Our Ingredients" actually, and from what I see, they use melted chocolate, cocoa absolute, raspberry extract, coffee extract (which looks to me like coffee absolute), bitter almond extract, vanilla infused oil, lemon eo, sweet orange eo and peppermint eo.

I've never tried this place, but I found it a long time ago on a flavor oil search. They've got a section marked "Organic Flavors" and their organic oil-soluble flavors for chocolate look really interesting. Maybe you could take a look at that.


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I actually got on a candymaking site that has a place close to me, I am going to go check out their flavor oils, as least half of what I saw looks to be oil base.

I will check out the other place mentioned above...

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