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Where can I get good acrylic molds?

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I have an old Walter hill acrylic mold that I absolutely love; does anyone know where I can buy more....they seem to be out of business....if not Walter Hill then mold that is as good. Thanks.

I'm not familiar with acrylic candle molds. I know there is
plactic molds out there, but they don't hold up very well, they crack easily.

Here are some I ran across, I don't know anything about the quality of these suppliers, as I have not used them.

Just Google
Acrylic Candle Molds
to find more.

HTH - Candle Man

BTW - You may want to check and be sure, before you order, that suppliers are not selling Poly molds and calling them Acrylic.

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I used to have some of those, but well I never got them to work long enough. Closest I think you're going to come is the polycarbonate molds now. C&S and I think Candlewic carry those. Maybe others do, but you've got to be careful with them. I do have some from England and haven't used them. I really should, just paranoid what scent will do to them.

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