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Review Coastal Scents


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Ordered - 6/6, Rec'd 6/8 but they are right down the street and Candle Science is coming today too, from NC, I think.

I don't know about the quality of the fo's because I just got them. Ahem... in clear plastic bottles? I haven't seen that yet. They smell ok from the bottle but I'm doubtful. They aren't as strong as all my other scents, they knock you over.

I hope I ordered the right scents from CS because this is such a bummer. I need a pick me up. I guess 1 out of 2 aint bad. Isn't that a song?

Note To Self: ASK FIRST DUMMY!!:angry2:

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I've never ordered from them before ... but there are many suppliers that send out fo's in clear plastic bottles.

As for Candle Science ... I don't think you can go wrong ... I've been happy with everything I've ordered from them with the exception of Lavender Cucumber Sage (the hot throw is weak in my wax - 50/50 soy blend). I love their rating system for soy and customer service is awesome. Candle Science is one of my favorite suppliers.

What wax do you use? What scents did you order?

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I don't know anything about Coastal Scents but don't discredit the FO until you put it in wax. I have had some that were very light out of bottle but performed great in the wax. I have even had some that would burn your nose hair out of the bottle but performed weak in wax.

I also have received several FO's in clear plastic bottles from suppliers.

Hope this helps a little!!

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I am so sorry ya'll, I totally forgot about this thread. I got my order from Candle Science just like promised. I ordered 8oz each of Chardonnay (used in lotion, love), Cucumber Melon (like but this is my fault b/c I'm sick to death of sweet smells) & Cool Citrus Basil (not used yet but out of the bottle - love, love, love).

As far as the coastal scents, thanks for the input. It just shocked me, all the other suppliers I've purchased from use the amber glass, except one, and they were white sample bottles. I take back any bad vibes I sent out to them until I use their product. I hope it is good stuff, they're really close!

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