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Favorite NG Scents?


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Off the top of my head: Kama Sutra Passionate Kissses & Curve for men

I also have China Rain & Dreama, but I haven't soaped them yet.




I have to order some fos from NG ...

Hmmm, I think I smell a fellow FOHO!

One of the first signs is using the words "have to" or "need to" in regards to FO's LOL

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Half of my scents are from NG.

Butt Naked

Best Friends

Hillbilly Homebrew

Raspberry Sorbet

Sugar Cookie

Apple Spice

Pumpkin Crunch

Cranberry Apple Tea I think that's the name of it

Fresh Fruit Slices

Blueberry Cobbler

Bubble Gum


Voodoo Love

Huckleberry Harvest

Old Fashion Banana Pudding

Monkey Farts

Pink Lemonaide

Apple Jack and Peel

OMG I could go on forever

Mindy :D

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I used quite a few from NG and they are all yummy!

Angel Wings

Best Friends



Cream & Sugar

Floral Bouquet

Fresh Peach

God's Love

Hillbilly Homebrew

Hot Baked Apple Pie


Vanilla Lavender

Vanilla Pear

Vanilla Silk

Wedding Cake

You can't go wrong with any of their scents, I don't think!:)

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