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liquid dye better than chips for crystal palm container?

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Just wondering if people testing this palm wax have had different or similar results using either liquid or chips for dying this wax. CS does not offer a great range of liquid dye, not even primary colors. I have only used chips any recs for supplier of liquid dyes. I may need a color wheel:wink2:


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I don't use the rediglo chips but I have been using my color crystals from Make Scents and liquid dye today making my glass glow palm candles.

The color crystals dissolve quickly because of the temps of the wax and I get VIBRANT colors from these as well as from the liquid dyes.

I have been using soy and had to usually go a little heavier on the darker colors because soy will lighten them as they dry. I found out quick on my first palm candle..... whoaaaa nellie, one or two drops is more than enough lol. I have a very dark green candle from 3 drops of hunter green that usually gave me a honeydew color in soy.

Hope this helps some!

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Thanks for the info - so tired of pastel candles. They're great for soy in spring/summer but .... so boring!

Really prefer mixing my own colors - I can consistently make the same shade for all my wax - paraffin, soy and "tarts" as long as the quantity of wax is consistent. And I use CS products. :smiley2:

Can't wait to break out the Cinnamon and Orange for my fall palms!

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