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Anyone do beeswax pillars?

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In my experience.....even if you make them shiny to start with eventually they "bloom"...giving them a frost. If you coat them with a glossy spray or wipe on finish you can keep them shinny. Don't waterbath them. You will get cracks for sure. Why do you want them shiny? If you have a reason, then it is worth pursuing. If you don't care if they are 100% beeswax...you can overdip them in regular wax and then into cool water and they will shine. Donita Louise

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I've got a potentially big account that wants beeswax pillars. I got a sample of the ones they've been getting and honestly I don't get it. They filter and bleach the wax and then add dye and they have NO scent at all. I still can't believe the one they gave me is beeswax. Looks like paraffin to me. Besides, if you don't want that beautiful smell why would you even go to the expense of using beeswax. Makes no sense. I'll try to post a pic tomorrow so you can see what it looks like.

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Actually frost on soy is also sometimes referred to as "bloom" by some.

Certain parts of the lower-melt point fats that migrate and oxidize to the surface on chocolates (and soy candles) and even the oils in things like in rubber car tires when heated also gives give off a coating-type appearance on the surface.

My understanding is that on soy the bloom or frost is actually fat - while on beeswax its actually a type of sugar in the wax.

You can temporarily remove the bloom on a beeswax candle via a hair drier or by rubbing it off - but it will come back again.

When people ask you what that white stuff is just act sophisticated and say its the "antique patina of pure beeswax".


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