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what kind of scents for body sprays?


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Hey girl.

I would think about what scents sell well in your soaps...

I will help you get the creative juices flowing... LOL

1) Blackberry (or a 50/50 mix with a floral)

2) Jasmine (or a 50/50 mix with a berry scent)

3) Green Tea

4) Peaches and Cream

5) White Tea & Ginger

6) Rain or Ocean

7) Watermelon or Strawberry

8) Lavender Vanilla

9) Clean Cotton

10) Vanilla Bean



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Funny, I got the pink sugar...& the yuzu going on. Those were goodies last year.

Then we added

Be Delicious (which I can't stand...cucumber I believe)

Passionate Kisses

A. Olive Blossoms

It does seem that they're not to be too perfumey. Light & fresh, right? Do musks go over well at ALL during the summer? Satin Sheets maybe? Or Amber Vanilla possibly? My problem..I want to make one in everything. But what a waste of cyclo!

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