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Candlescience: lavender, cucumber & Sage- review


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I rec'd my samples, and of all of them, I wanted to try this one first, it just smelled so dang good. ;)

Alas, it sucks in my wax. :(

IGI 4630 at 6% and 9% and absolutely NO throw, hot or cold. :(

Bummer man!

I'll definitely be on the lookout for another supplier for this scent though, as it smells so good!

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Yah, I figure I'll use the rest of it in some B&B as I really like the scent. ;)

The thing is, with this wax I find that I hardly EVER have a problem getting a good throw so I know this one is just weak weak weak.

Good to know that Solas' is also very light, so I won't bother with that one.

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I am testing this one myself in 100% soy @ 8.5%.

I am getting a nice cold and hot throw.

It's not super strong, but it fills a family room nicely... (Medium throw)

I find it a pleasing scent, my husband says it stinks and does not like the scent at all...(At least he smelling it..LOL):rolleyes2

I smell the cucumber and sage.. I am not picking up the Lav. at all???:tongue2:

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