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wax slab white splotches

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Don't laugh to hard...I just received my first 2 slabs of wax for canes and I'm not sure what they should look like. I bought CW160 from Swans as the 5055's shipping was just so high to Idaho and Swan's Pete said it would work fine. It is clearer around the edges, but has sort of white splotchy looking areas through out it. Is this normal and will it go away when I melt and pour? Secondly, can I just break it up and put the pieces in my presto to melt? I thought I read earlier on this forum that you can't use the presto for the first heating, but why not? Be thankful, I have Donita's tutorial, so I shouldn't bombard you all with to many questions. :smiley2: Beth

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As a wise man once told me....."Grasshopper......you have a lot to learn"..... (TOP).......all wax is a mystery for us to solve.....or try to.....again and again and again......I have some new wax coming and who knows. But that is part of the fun and the mystery or we wouldn't be here. (smile) Donita Louise

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