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pouring layered candles

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I was trying to replicate a candle that I have at home. Its a rectangle candle that is brown/tan/and a lighter brown.

So- yesterday I started mine. I kept it one scent (fudge brownie) and I poured the first layer into my mold. I wanted a funky diagonal layering so i put something under the mold to lift up the one side. Then when that was cooled, I reheated my wax, added more dye to make the next layer darker and tipped the mold the other way. After this had cooled, I went to repeat the process of adding a little more dye and finally setting the mold straight so the end was even- however the wax i had already pulled had cooled and pulled away from the mold. So the result is that the darkest wax has now dripped down the sides of the already formed part of the candle. is there any way to avoid this? this is the first time i've dabbled in layering. any help would be awesome! thanks

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i used golden 444. but, never mind- once i took the candle out of the mold, it really hadn't seeped down as far as i thought and it actually came out very cute- my husband actually asked why i bought a new candle when I make them....he thought it was store bought! :yay:

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If it ran over the sides so to speak of your other layers my guess is you let the previous layers cool to long and they had already started pulling away from the sides of the mold. Just a thought. Did you post a pic? I'd love to see it.


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